To: United State Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Oh crap (literally): USDA to privatize poultry inspection?

Please do not start a pilot program allowing poultry plants to conduct their own inspections of the bird carcasses used in food processing. This so called "modernization" merely allows private companies to make millions off of selling Americans food containing bile and feces. Going forward with this program would be an abandonment of the USDA's duty to the public.

Why is this important?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) currently inspects all chicken and turkey carcasses for things like bruises, bile and feces before they are sent to further processing. However, the UDSA is now considering a pilot program that would eliminate that inspection and allow private poultry processing plants to do whatever they want.

The USDA is holding a public commenting period on this proposed change right now. Please sign the petition opposing the privatization of poultry inspection before the public commenting period ends.