To: The Ohio State House, The Ohio State Senate, and Governor Mike DeWine

Ohio, Protect Citizens' Rights to Healthcare Choices

Don't allow police officers to assault citizens who choose to either take or refuse prescription medications.

Why is this important?

Last week a Summit County, Ohio deputy forced Siobhan Householder to spit out a prescription pain pill she took for a toothache. That same week, officers at Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare in Athens, Ohio held down John Rohrer, a head injury survivor, so he could be force-injected with a drug that causes brain damage.

The video of Householder's assault clearly shows she was sitting peacefully in the room of a courthouse and in no distress until officer Vaughan grabbed her by the hair, pinned her down and shoved his hand into her mouth in an attempt to remove a pill. As a result, photos show, the woman suffered bruises on her chin and other parts of her body and cuts in her mouth.

Rohrer had simply been walking down the hall at Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare in Athens, Ohio, a state hospital he has sued for illegally detaining him, when he was assaulted. Police officers Brian Willard and Todd Bumbalough pinned down Rohrer so he could be injected with a drug [Risperdal] whose manufacturer has been successfully sued in several states for its fraudulent marketing of that drug.
Rohrer's doctor outside the hospital, whom he's been banned from seeing, agrees with him that the medication forced on him is detrimental to his health AND VIOLATES THE STANDARD OF CARE.

Ohio legislators must stop police officers from assaulting citizens over healthcare choices.

I write this petition on behalf of Ms. Householder, whom I don't know
personally, and on behalf of John Rohrer and a family member, with
whom I am friends - also on behalf of all others I personally know have been assaulted in this way.


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