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To: Town of Brownsburg Advisory Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Town Council

Oppose Project Aisle in Brownsburg, Indiana

The corporation behind Project Aisle withdrew their applications from our town. We believe it was from a grassroots sign, website and petition campaign.

Tell Brownsburg officials that we oppose the rezoning of the property at E CR 400 N and Ronald Reagan Parkway designated for Project Aisle.

Why is this important?

Town officials are evaluating an economic development proposal called “Project Aisle” that will allow a HIGH INTENSITY INDUSTRIAL FACILITY to be zoned directly adjacent to agricultural and residential areas at Ronald Reagan Parkway and E County Road 400 N. This facility is in complete opposition for the positive development and reputation of our town.
- It will operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
- It hosts parking/staging areas for 200 semi-trucks that will be on a continuous rotation on our county roads.
- The primary structure will be up to 160’ in height. That is 50’ higher than our current water towers and 10’ lower than Bankers Life Fieldhouse.
- This automated facility will only hire up to 150 employees divided between 3 shifts. Not a significant number based on its dramatic environmental footprint.
- Property values will decrease due to noise, increased traffic and obstructed views.

How it will be delivered

Advertised on signage and website




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