To: The Idaho State House, The Idaho State Senate, and Governor Brad Little

Oppose SB 1349 Vaginal Ultrasounds

Oppose SB 1349:
• Health care decisions are best made by individuals and their medical providers NOT politicians.
• Mandatory ultrasounds place undue burdens on women seeking legal and safe abortion care and interfere with individual rights to privacy.

Why is this important?

Sen. Winder, R-Meridian, introduced SB 1349 which requires a woman to receive an ultrasound before she gets an abortion. Even though Sen. Winder took the language out of the bill requiring the vaginal procedure, very early pregnancy ultrasounds can only be done vaginally in order to get a quality picture of the fetus for a physician to answer the question on the form proposed in the bill. The woman has to pay for the procedure even though she does not want it.

Currently in Idaho, doctors may offer an ultrasound to women before an abortion, give out informational pamphlets, and provide information on adoption services.

Idaho places no requirements on physicians to perform ultrasounds under any other circumstances. In fact no other medical diagnostic test is mandated by Idaho statute, revealing the true intent of the bill: to shame and discourage women from receiving legal and safe abortion services.