To: The Virginia State House, The Virginia State Senate, and Governor Ralph Northam

Opposition to Virginia House Bill 2001

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I oppose Virginia House Bill 2001, which will require administrators and professors in state institutions of higher education to "cooperate" with federal immigration enforcement authorities, which suggests that such educators may be asked to identify students for possible deportation. Educators should not perform a police function as it will destroy trust between teacher and student and will undermine the educational system.

Why is this important?

I don't believe a teacher should be asked to help enforce immigration laws. I have found, through experience, that students learn best when they trust and respect their teacher. That relationship will be damaged if students are fearful that a teacher must "report" possible immigration irregularities.

If we allow this bill to pass, what other police functions may the state or federal government require of a teacher? Will primary through high school educators be impacted next?

I have spoken with several dedicated teachers who, in good conscience, could not "cooperate" and would need to retire early or find another profession, which will be a devastating loss to the community.

Please act quickly and contact your State delegate (or the House Higher Education Committee Chairman noted below) immediately as HB 2001 may come to vote in the House as early as next week (end of next week - Feb 2-3, 2017). The bill will be before the House Higher Education Committee possibly next Wednesday (2/1/17), Chairman Jimmie Massie;



Reasons for signing

  • We should not allow our educators to be used as gestapo agents.
  • Step up citizens. We need to shelter these people just like so many compassionate German citizens and villages sheltered Jews during The Third Reich.
  • This house bill is cruel and vicious

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