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To: BVSD School Board

Opt out of iReady

Opt out of iReady

Stop using iReady to assess reading, specifically for kids who struggle with reading or who are dyslexic.

Why is this important?

iReady is a computer-based aided program that is not evidenced-based to assess or remediate kids who struggle with reading. iReady stops testing phonemic awareness in 2nd grade which is one of the biggest flags for kids who struggle with reading. iReady is based on a computer so there is no direct interaction with a child so the assessment does not account for the pronunciation of words. iReady is not user-friendly and increases frustration and decreases learner motivation. iReady does not measure rapid naming, word retrieval speed, nonsense words or spelling, all indicators of dyslexia.


Reasons for signing

  • iReady is torture. Grogu agrees


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