To: Bill Campbell, Orange County Supervisor, John Moorlach, Orange County Supervisor, Audra Adams, Aide to Supervisor Shawn Nelson, Janet Nguyen, Orange County Supervisor, Pat Bates, Orange County Supervisor, and Shawn Nelson, Orange County ...

Orange County Supervisors: Vote "NO" on Saddle Crest, Support Foothill Trabuco Specific Plan.

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Vote "NO" on Saddle Crest. Insist that Rutter follow the Foothill Trabuco Specific Plan and the Orange County General Plan, which protect our cherished rural canyons for all present and future Orange County residents.

Why is this important?

The Foothill Trabuco Specific Plan (FTSP) requires development in Trabuco Canyon to be rural in character and protect the area's ancient oak forests, scenic ridgelines, and other cherished natural resources. But Rutter Development Corporation refuses to follow the FTSP and instead proposes gutting it, along with the Orange County General Plan, to allow construction of its 65-unit suburban sprawl "Saddle Crest" housing tract along Santiago Canyon Road north of Cook's Corner. Rutter's amendments would allow him to congest 2-lane Santiago Canyon Road, cut down over 150 mature oak trees, bulldoze ridgetops, and fill up canyons over 70 feet deep, and any developer coming after him to do the same. We are asking Orange County supervisors to say "NO" to Saddle Crest and Rutter's plan gutting amendments when they vote on October 2.