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Orthomolecular Treatment Must Be Required in Treatment of Mental Disorders/Illnesses

America's current system of mental health care cures no one. At best, patients' symptoms are suppressed, but only as long as the patient continues taking the synthetic drugs. This type of care has a proven recovery rate of .0005%.

In contrast, “Orthomolecular” means correcting the person's BIOchemistry so that the psychiatric symptoms gradually disappear as his/her biochemistry naturally returns to the normal range.

Orthomolecular medicine does not disallow synthetic tranquilizers or antipsychotics if the patient needs to be stabilized at the beginning of treatment. The difference is that the biological causes of his illness are determined (often with medical lab tests that can be ordered by any family doctor or naturopath) and the patient is treated with nutritional medicine proven to cure the mental disorder/illness. It has over a 90% recovery rate - and it's real recovery not just suppression of the symptoms. It costs pennies compared to synthetic drugs and psychiatric counseling. We taxpayers are curently forced to pay about $2 million per mentally ill DSHS client because the uncured patient needs a lifetime of rent, utilities, food, medical care, psychiatric care, sometimes jail or prison time, etc., not to mention the cost (and trauma) of the crimes they commit.

There is currently NO law, whether federal, state or local, that requires psychiatrists to treat the biological causes of their patients’ illnesses. That is why they are allowed to merely suppress the symptoms while making the false claims that “mental illness is incurable,” and “drugs are the best treatment there is,” etc.

American psychiatry is racketeering on a nation-wide scale and taxpayers are being forced to pay for it. The orthomolecular approach not only would save us millions, even billions, of dollars but would keep tens of millions of lives from being destroyed. It is a win-win type of mental health care for every American.

It's unbelievable but true that DSHS refuses to acknowledge or allow orthomolecular treatment. Only drugs and talk therapy are permitted. If that isn’t insane, what is?

Why is this important?

By signing this petition, you can bring some sanity to Washington State. Instead of paying tens of millions of dollars on psychiatric treatment that doesn't work, we could be putting that money into our schools or other important areas. You will also be forcing the government to provide the kind of mental health care that cures people instead of simply attempting to suppress their symptoms with man-made drugs.