To: The Minnesota State House, The Minnesota State Senate, and Governor Tim Walz

Our state needs a public option

Support and introduce legislation for a public health insurance option in our state.

Why is this important?

Private insurers will always put profit and executive compensation above the well being of their their customers. With Wall Street downgrading any insurance company that does otherwise, we'll never be able to overcome that attitude, but we can make insurance companies compete with a public option that takes a very different, much more customer-centered approach. Such a true public option would provide better care for less money, because policyholders wouldn't have to subsidize shareholder profits, big CEO bonuses, or expensive marketing campaigns. Let's create that public option, the sooner the better!


Reasons for signing

  • Christine Olson
  • i will be a minn. resident in 3 weeks
  • Public Option AND/OR Single Payer needs to be PUT BACK ON THE TABLE! Vermont is doing it- so we can too!