To: President Donald Trump and Governor J.B. Pritzker


We, the undersigned, urge the State of Illinois and President Obama to pardon US Veteran Miguel Perez. Miguel served honorably in the US Army after enlisting to defend the US after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. He saw combat in Afghanistan in the Army Special Forces and when he returned to the US, was diagnosed with PTSD but received little support in treating this serious and common side affect from war. Just as many veterans with PTSD, Miguel suffered from the illness of drug addiction and was charged with non-violent drug crimes. Miguel entered the military as a Legal Permanent Resident and because of these convictions now faces deportation.
We believe that the State of Illinois should take his honorable service into account when reviewing Miguel's case and should grant him a full pardon. This pardon will allow him to win his immigration case and avoid deportation. Miguel has served his time for his crimes and has also completed several classes to deal with drug addiction. We believe he has earned the right to stay in the country he served in safety and with his family in the US. When given the resources that he rightfully deserves, Miguel will thrive in civilian life in the US where he has lived his whole life and calls his home.

Why is this important?

All veterans deserve the proper care and resources upon returning home from active duty and should never be deported! They defended this country and they deserve to live in it!


Reasons for signing

  • I don't know you Perez but I am Army and we are family. Never leave a fallen comrade.
  • Deport the fuckin drug dealer
  • I am a nurse who works with elderly veterans. These men served our country and we have not given them the support they need. This veteran deserves citizenship and access to VA services. He should be pardoned.