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Parental Alienation Is The Same As Child Abuse

Stop Family and Superior Courts from ignoring the existence of Parental Alienation during divorce and visitation proceedings. Parental Alienation emotionally destroys children, ruins children-parent relationships and often ends in murder.

Why is this important?

This petition is intended to influence all 50 U.S. States and the District of Columbia. I am a U.S. Air Force Desert Storm Veteran who currently serves in the U.S Air Force Reserves. This is my TRUTH. Jaelen and Faith Edge are my children. They were alienated from me for almost eight years. During that time I got incarcerated in a U.S. jail FOR PAYING child support, mislead into supervised visitation, judicially ROBBED of my savings and courtroom ALIENATED from my children. I had only petitioned the Cobb County Georgia Superior Court for a divorce and regular visitation of my autistic son and toddler daughter. Jaelen and Faith Edge were later murdered by their mother AFTER a Superior Court Judge called Marilyn Kay Woody-Edge a Parental Alienator and then REFUSED to give me full custody of my children or incarcerate her. I received FULL CUSTODY of my children from a California funeral home.

Despite my best efforts to be a part of my children’s lives, I ended up being portrayed as a deadbeat dad who had deserted his children. A deadbeat dad who did not pay child support and should be locked away; A deadbeat dad who could not properly care for his autistic son without special training; A deadbeat dad who needed to be supervised by a Parental Supervision Service; A deadbeat dad who was good enough to serve his country but not good enough to be a part of his children’s lives.

In years before filing for a divorce I had spent regular quality time with both of my children. I did my best to give them a good active childhood. I maintained a military security clearance, attended college part time and worked a decent job. I had never been accused of domestic violence, I had never been incarcerated and I had not needed supervision to be able to spend time with my children. Within the first year of my notifying Marilyn of my intent to divorce her all of that changed. Marilyn Woody had deserted our marriage almost three years prior to me filing for a divorce. The reason I decided to divorce was because there was no opportunity to repair our relationship and due to her families influence she and I could not agree on how best to rear my autistic son. She thought there was a magic cure for Autism and her family supported her in that. I did not believe that there was any cure for Autism and I only wanted to mitigate my son’s autism with speech, logic and physical type therapies. Marilyn had expressed her interest to take my son for alternative therapies and I disagreed. I later asked for a divorce after I discovered that she had charged up my equity line of credit and a credit card at an alternative medicine clinic. After asking for the divorce Marilyn almost immediately started making excuses to keep me from spending time with my son or daughter alone. She first started making ultimatums that she come to my home or on trips for overnight visits with the children. Although I wasn’t comfortable with the idea I thought it best to just go along with it to spend time with my children. I loved my children and at that point I would have compromised for them. However the compromise was short lived. The time apart helped me to see many things. I started to see her as spoiled and selfish. I did not see her in the same light that had brought us together. I did not want to pursue any relationship with her other than being friends for the betterment of my children. Marilyn was glossing over the fact that I had asked for a divorce so I told her a second time. Thereafter she immediately stopped my son from having overnight visits with me and started trying to persuade my daughter the same. The difference between the two children’s response to Marilyn’s early attempts to isolate or brainwash them; was that my daughter could verbally express exactly what she wanted and my son could not because he was nonverbal. I had strong bonds with both of my children. By the time they could walk they had spent a lot of time with me and done a lot of things with me. They knew that I was supposed to be with them and vice versa. My son like all children his age wanted his mom and dad to be together whereas my daughter had always known us not to live together. Jaelen was easily persuaded by his mom Faith was not. Before the alienation Jaelen had spent a lot of time hanging out with me. We took road trips to the beach, I pushed him around in his kettle car, we fished, played video games, and had a great time together. Every time Jaelen would see me I could see that he wanted so badly to leave with me. Marilyn made Jaelen’s efforts to leave his grandparents home so dramatic that he began to choose the path of least disappointment. For example Jaelen would crawl up into my truck look around for a bit before waving for his mom to come with us and if she did not come to the vehicle, he would kiss his sister, hug me and go back into the house. The one thing that I could always count on is that when I came to see Jaelen that he would be waiting at the window for me to play with him and that he would run to the window to watch me drive away. I wanted so much for him to just say, “I’m going with my dad!” I never forced him to come with me because I knew it had to be his decision and I did not want to add tension to my relationship with Marilyn or her family. I just went with Jaelen’s flow if he wanted to play ball we played ball, if he wanted to play with remote control cars we played with remote control cars, if he wanted to wrestle we wrestled. I always played with Jaelen to his heart’s content no matter how much time it took to make him happy. When he was tired I would leave and come back the next day to play with him more. I wanted him to know that everything with him and I was going to be okay even if he didn’t choose to spend overnight visits with me and his sister. I was so tired of arguing by that time, so tired of being threatened by her families bogus complaints, so tired of the back and forth wi...