To: President Donald Trump and The United States House of Representatives

Pass An Assault Weapons Ban

I urge you to sign on as a cosponsor of H.R. 4269 to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines and to work to pass this bill.

Why is this important?

1 hater + 1 military style assault weapon = 49 killed, 53 wounded, infinite heartache.

Because he had easy access to a military style assault weapon, a man filled with hate turned a place of celebration and joy for Orlando’s LGBT community into a scene of devastation and loss.

This is one of the worst mass shooting in America, with 49 shot dead and 53 wounded, many of them young Latinos just beginning their lives. Such mass shootings have been increasing. We say: Enough.

We demand that Congress act to stop the carnage now: Military style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines, which make such shootings possible and so deadly, have no place on our streets.

They are made for battlefields, not our schools or our churches or our gathering places. We do not agree that we are powerless to stop these tragedies. We are a caring, can-do nation and it’s time to put aside partisan biases and prioritize our dying young people. We demand that Congress step up to the plate at last and pass an effective ban on civilian use of these weapons.

H.R. 4269 was introduced by Rep. David N. Cicilline of Rhode Island and currently has 125 cosponsors.


Reasons for signing

  • You are kidding. There is no earthly reason for a private citizen to own a deadly weapon. LCDR, USNR-Ret
  • There is simply no place in a supposedly civilized society for the death machines of war known as assault rifles. The United States of America thinks and behaves as if it were still living in the Stone Age. What’s wrong with all the ADDICTED gun hoarders out there?! Without a doubt it is a SICKNESS. As all addictions are. I stand with former Congressman, as well as presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke in banning all military-style assault weapons of war from the general public and initiatin...
  • As a military veteran of the Persian Gulf War and as someone who trained responsibility with weapons I support this measure. I am also a registered Republican and father. I will only support candidates who have the backbone to defy the gun lobby. Given the state of the GOP I will be voting Democrat in 2016 & 2018. This is the only way to move forward on solving the epidemic of gun violence.