To: Kaua'i County Council

Pass Kaua'i County Bill 2491

This bill is vital for the protection of Kaua'i, it's dwellers, and its food supply. Our lands, groundwater, and people are all unprotected from the spraying of restricted-use pesticides, due to poor regulation and extremely lax laws. This bill would provide us with some protection from the nearly daily open-air spraying taking place at the hands of several experimental seed companies doing business here.

Why is this important?

Demand complete disclosure of restricted pesticide use; Implement 500 ft. buffer zones for schools and sensitive areas; Ban open-air experimenting with new GMO's and pesticides; and complete an environmental impact assessment. This Bill comes to a final vote on September 9, 2013.


Reasons for signing

  • I must pass on the kaua'i bill.
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