To: The United States Senate

Pass the National Criminal Justice Commission Act

Tell your Senator to Pass the 'National Criminal Justice Commission Act (NCJCA)' now.

This legislation would create a bipartisan Commission to review and identify effective criminal justice policies and make recommendations for reform. With families struggling, unemployment skyrocketing and major budget cuts happening in education and social service programs, America can no longer afford to pay more than $200 billion dollars a year on incarceration.

Last year, the legislation came very close to passage after having passed the House of Representatives and the Senate’s Judiciary Committee. I hope you will help us go all the way this Congress. Please sign the petition telling your Senator to VOTE YES on Senator Webb’s NCJCA amendment to the CJS appropriations bill this week.

Why is this important?

America has an addiction to incarceration with nearly 25 percent of the world's prisoners. This has drained government resources and destroyed the family structure. It is time for America to be smart on crime since the tough on crime tactics has proven to be very costly revenge.