To: The Pennsylvania State House and The Pennsylvania State Senate

Pass the PA Fairness Act!

Pass the PA Fairness Act (HB 1510/SB 974) to update our nondiscrimination laws this year to make sure that no one can be fired from their job, turned away from a business, or evicted from their home just for being gay or transgender.

Why is this important?

Everyone deserves the same fair and equal treatment, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. "Open to the public" should mean open to everyone, fairly and equally. Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania it is still completely legal to be turned away from a business, fired from a job, or evicted from a home just for being gay or transgender.

Polls show that 74% of voters in Pennsylvania agree that no one should be discriminated against for being gay or transgender, and voters agree that there should be a law to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Our state legislature has been considering an update to the nondiscrimination laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity for more than a decade. The time has come to update the nondiscrimination laws of the commonwealth.

Sign our petition to the PA State Legislature and tell them to end legal discrimination against gay and transgender people now.