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Pay it Forward: Ban Yelp from Google and all Search Engines until they stop filtering legitimate ...

Pay it Forward: Ban Yelp from Search Engines until they stop their harmful practices. Yelp is destroying small businesses. They have gamed the search engine companies and our system of free enterprise. They have a clear conflict of interest, and this harms everyone. Help small businesses succeed, and you will help all economies prosper. This will help everyone! Thank you!

Why is this important?

I have no problem at all with legitimate reviews of a business, but Yelp is not interested in the truth. They are predatory with a clear conflict of interest.

My business, income, and my reputation have been damaged by the strong-arm tactics of Yelp, as I have refused to pay them to 'fix' my problem of a one star rating, which they caused in order to profit from me paying them to 'fix' it, while 'filtering' my legitimate five star reviews.

I have a defamatory false negative one-star review posted on my business Yelp listing, while all of the legitimate five-star reviews from my clients are 'filtered' by Yelp.

I am not the only business and person affected by Yelp. Small business owners, employees, and the public are harmed everywhere by Yelp. See the articles, websites and the class action lawsuits by business owners against Yelp.

Update 11 September 2019
Could it get any worse? Where is the justice for Yelp victims? Help the honest hard working people and the victims of extortion. Pay it Forward: Ban Yelp from Google and all Search Engines until they stop filtering legitimate positive reviews and stop allowing false reviews to appear on business listings. Thank you!

Groupon may pursue deal with online-review company Yelp
Update 12 December 2018
I have managed to re-open my petition on I do not know why it was closed. Anyway, it is re-opened. Please sign that one too!

'Where The Film Stands – Dec 2018
Posted on December 10, 2018
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Hello everyone!

Let us start off by saying we can’t thank you enough for your continued support of Billion Dollar Bully and it’s message. We apologize we haven’t been on top of releasing updates. Going forward, we’re going to be better about updating everyone!
Today’s update is regarding some things we’ve been dealing with for a bit of time. Things we weren’t sure we should share with the public. Since this isn’t just our fight, we decided it would be a good idea to share with you all what’s been going on behind the scenes lately.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Billion Dollar Bully is fully finished! Its been seen during several private screenings, and has been very well received. We’re currently sitting on several distribution offers that will help Billion Dollar Bully be seen by a very wide audience. And for that, we’re so excited! The thing is, we can’t sign any distribution deal. Why? Well, because in order to sign a distribution deal a film must have insurance. We posted a blog here about the process we went through just to be approved for insurance. While we have been approved, insurance has not yet been purchased and we will explain why.

As we came to learn, there’s an industry standard for the price of insurance for documentaries. Billion Dollar Bully was quoted an insurance number that was 8x that of a normal insurance cost! A big blow to a film that’s been made on a limited budget. Some distributors will take a film and put money upfront to pay any additional costs. Given that this is our first film and we don’t have any “industry connections,” this has not been our case. All distribution companies are requiring that we figure out a way to finance the insurance first. We’ve had many uphill battles completing the film, so we did what we’ve done before. We got to work! We starting looking for ways to secure the insurance. And as we fought to complete the last battle to ensure Billion Dollar Bully was released, strange things started happening…

A few sales agents reached out to us, several times, wanting to see the film. They claimed Elon Musk was very interested in seeing the film, and possibly interested in buying it. At first, an exciting prospect. But on closer inspection we realized that Jeremy Stoppleman, CEO and founder of Yelp, and Elon Musk go way back. Together, they were part of the “PayPal Mafia”. And since Elon Musk isn’t in the movie buying business, as far as we’re aware, and he and Mr. Stoppleman are what we can only assume are friends, it seemed strange.

And then? Our emails got hacked. Several times.

People started reaching out to us claiming they could help secure the insurance. And after countless wasted hours, we’d find out they were somehow connected to Yelp. Current and former employees of Yelp reached out to us; some of them admitted they were with Yelp, and some would try to hide the information. It took a bit of digging on our end to figure out who these people were. There was rabbit hole after rabbit hole.

The truth has always been, and remains the truth today, that Yelp is a billion dollar company that knows it has something to hide. It knows that what they’re hiding could cost them a billion dollars. And so, our fight to complete and release the film has been an uphill battle. We want you to know that we aren’t giving up and that we’re out here getting very close to securing insurance for the film and signing that hard won distribution to deal.

Billion Dollar Bully WILL be seen. It NEEDS to be seen. Yelp continues to abuse their very own consumers! Ben Kohn recently reached out with a lovely graph that shows reviewers for his business being filtered, but those same reviewers leaving other companies reviews and their review being considered legitimate. Here’s a video you can watch of him showing his ad campaign and what he did (and didn’t) get out of it.

Your continued support is more appreciated than you know! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with those you love.

Mellissa and Kaylie'

Update 2 December 2018