To: The California State House

Pay Regional Center Staff Minimum Wage (AB 2623)

California's Regional Centers are a model for the entire country, yet aides to children and adults with autism are not being paid fairly. As a result, Regional Centers are facing funding issues--and those with developmental disabilities pay the price. Pass AB 2623 to modernize Regional Center reimbursements.

Why is this important?

My son has an incredibly rare seizure disorder and autism. The Regional Center in our area has been part of his life since age six months. Because of their help, he's been able to attend early intervention pre-school and receive physical and speech therapy. The regional center will also provide home aides where necessary for his care.

Yet in Los Angeles County, where we live, minimum wage is $2.25 more per hour than the state minimum wage. AB 2623 would allow Regional Centers to pay providers at local minimum wage, something they can't currently do. This is crucial for autism families and crucial to continued functioning of the Regional Centers. We need to change this law to keep up with the times.