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To: Dean Stensberg, WI PArole Chairman, Edward Wall, WI DOC Secretary, Edward Wall, WI DOC Secretary, The Wisconsin State House, The Wisconsin State Senate, and Governor Tony Evers

Petition for a Second Chance for Hayes Jackson; Waived in...

We the undersigned are petitioning for the release of Hayes Jackson. He was waived into adult court at the age of 16 , convicted in 1994 by jury trial of PTAC (party to a crime)felony murder and armed robbery and burglary and given a total of 100 years with parole after 25 years.
Hayes describes himself and his position best:
“The type of person I was before my arrest, I was more of a follower. I was peer pressured into a lot of things by friends. I was always a good kid but got hooked up with the wrong crowd. I was a giving person with a big heart, I was always making people laugh even when I knew that they were going through a difficult time.
I was with this female who I gave my heart to and thought that it was likewise, a young married couple as everyone seen us to be. Then I got jammed up with the other two in a robbery and in the process of that one of the victims got accidentally shot and died from the fatal shot. I did not know anyone got shot because I was in a different room. Long story short all I could think about was my girl who lived downstairs with our kids-what have I done-one thought- the second thought -if I got this money she wouldn't need anything. She was my rock and I would have done anything to make her happy.
While being in prison I have gotten my HSED, stayed away from conduct reports, looked at things a lot different through the way the victim felt if it would had happened to someone I loved.
I have become a man who is patient, respectful, understanding trustworthy, someone people would love to get to know if given a chance. I see more deeply into things than many people who were not shackled by my inhibitions. I have learned a lot to take back into the community and help the younger kids who are going down the path I ones went down. Please don't let the word “prison” define who they want you to think I am.”
We as a society are growing in consciousness and we realize that people do change and our policies are not making us safer. We want healing and forgiveness and honesty. The courts have realized that juveniles do not have the brain capacity to make good choices. Rather than lock youth up for long periods of time we now know prevention and treatment are the keys to safe and healthy communities. Please do what you can to give Hayes Jackson a Second chance. We need him out here.

Why is this important?

Jackson was waived into adult court at the age of 16- party to the crime of felony murder and armed robbery and was given 100 years; a bunch of kids in a robbery that went horribly wrong. Hayes was in the next room when the fatal shot was fired. Many heartless sentences like this were given to youngsters at the time and it is now 25 years later. We have learned of the undeveloped juvenile brain. Hayes Jackson explains how he was a follower and easily led into the wrong situations. That is the way most kids are. He is not so today- this is a mature man ready to give back to society and well deserving of a second chance. Please help.




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