To: Governor Mike Parson

Petition for Clemency for Michael Hurst

The petitions requests a clemency regarding the case for Michael Hurst. It request that time be served in the 30 yr sentence of 1989 for robbery to the 1st without parole. He was 22 yrs old then and is now 44. He had no serious prior convictions or record stated by his attorney. He was on drugs and not in his right mind and if others that have killed, raped and stole and robbed in the same institution as he can be and have been release why can't he have another chance to prove himself in life. Please allow him that chance that many other were priviledged to and still did the same or worse after freedom. My brother is a changed adult man now. He was young and hard headed back then. He deserves to be home again. He has two daugters, two granddaughters and one grandson who he would like to know. He has missed out on much of all of our family lives

Why is this important?

My younger brother was accused of robbery to the 1st degree back in 1989. He went prison and still in Bowling Green Missouri's Correctional Center. He has served his time. We had a petition for Clemency signed by over a thousand people at the request of his attorney I found for my parents who have trusted over a half dozen attorneys over the years that took them for a ride. This attorney was a past judge and has done a great deal of work trying to free my brother. He stated that this was too much time for the crime. He got 30yrs with no parole and no one was hurt or killed at the time this happened. There were a lot of flaws in the report in which that female judge who sentenced him refused to listen to stated by my mother. Michael and his friend was arrested out of jurisdiction.
He has changed his life and never had any prior convictions when he went in stated by attorney. This judge retired soon after his sentencing. Please help me help my brother. He is been changing many lives behind bars. He has been in ministry playing music and helping other pastors at the prison. Many prison officials stated from various prisons he had attended, that he didn't belong here. He came from a good family with good christian parents. I'm his older and only sister.
I won't be completely happy until he is home with us again. Please help me free him. He wrote president Barack Obama a week ago. Thanks for you all of your time and consideration regarding Michael Hurst and family. The governor has his petition and papers of release on his desk and just haven't signed it. It's been over a year. It has already been to the parole board and back to the governor. Cheryl Foutz


Reasons for signing

  • Please reopen all schools, bars & restaurants, shops & malls, personal services, parks & recreation centers, Sports spectators, activities and large parties & gatherings, weddings & marriages and other services. Economy & Jobs, Religious Facilities, Live Entertainment. Returning back to all cities, countries and all states around the world. Road to reopening your small businesses and economy recovery, Reopen all indoor & outdoor dining, slowly getting things back to normal.
  • He did the crime, but he also did his time. Please free this young man
  • The criminals are in Congress ,Federal Reserve, and Wall Street! This man has no debt that hasn't already been PAID.