To: Governor Tim Walz

Petition for Farm-to-Consumer Deliveries of Grass-fed Raw Dairy in Minnesota:

Dear Governor Mark Dayton, March 31, 2013

Minnesotans listened to your amazing 2013 State of the State Address, in which you stated the following:

"In my campaign, I proposed making an even-year legislative session 'The Unsession.' Except for responding to a fiscal or other emergency and passing a bonding bill, the session would be devoted to eliminating unnecessary or redundant laws, rules, and regulations; reducing the verbiage in those that remain; shortening the timelines for developing and implementing them; and undoing anything else which makes government nearly impossible to understand, operate, or support.

"I suggest making next year's legislative session the first 'Unsession.' After this session is concluded ... on time, in May ... I will ask my agency heads and legislative staff to begin making lists, checking them twice, and working with any legislators, other public officials, and citizens, who wish to spearhead these reforms."

Governor Dayton, we thank you for the opportunity to participate in the first 'Unsession' (May 2013). We are petitioning you to "un-do" the statute in Minnesota that restricts Minnesota families from receiving deliveries of raw milk from small family farms of their choice.

Families who choose to consume raw dairy want to support family farmers who feed grass to their cows, goats, and sheep. They also want to support farmers who allow their animals the freedom to roam instead of standing in confinement stalls.

We do not wish to consume raw milk from industrialized cows, goats, or sheep. We are not asking for you to legalize the sale of raw milk. Its sale is already legal. We want Minnesota to recognize our right to obtain raw dairy from the local small-scale farmer of our choice without the impractical stipulations on delivery and frequency.

Please "un-do" the legislation that only allows a citizen to obtain milk by "going to the farm" and only on "an occasional basis." This law is unnecessary since the private contract between two individuals provides the required oversight to ensure food quality and safety. Therefore, please take out these impractical limitations and allow our small-scale farmers to make deliveries to our homes or a mutually agreed upon drop-site, per the Minnesota Constitution.

Governor Dayton, thank you for listening to the wishes of thousands of Minnesotans to "un-do" this unnecessary statute that makes it nearly impossible to directly support our family farmers.


Diane Smith—Nourish Our World (NOW) Committee Chair
Edward Davis—Food Freedom Committee Chair

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Why is this important?

There are Minnesotans who wish to:
• consume whole raw dairy from grass-fed animals
• visit the small-scale family farms
• meet the farmer that grows their safe, high-quality food

Our Minnesota Constitution recognizes these inalienable rights, however the Minnesota dairy statute (32.393 Limitation on Sale) unjustly restricts this right with the stipulation that the raw dairy be obtained “at the place or farm” and only “occasionally.”

In addition, this statute discriminates against those who can’t drive to the farm, either due to financial or physical reasons, even though raw dairy is an already legal food that is proven to be safe and healthful.

We are asking for Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota to “un-do” these stipulations to allow farm-to-consumer deliveries (home delivery or mutually agreed upon drop site) and on a regular basis.

It is important to reverse these laws that negate our inalienable rights as free American citizens and keep families from being able to obtain a food of their choice.