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To: Dr. Susan A. Cole

Petition for more remote courses at MSU

Petition for more remote courses at MSU

We, the students of Montclair State University, petition the administration to offer more remote courses for the 2021-2022 academic year. We request that the remote classes be available for higher, as well as for lower division courses, to meet the needs of students in all grade-levels.

At present, the courses which will be available in the fall largely consist of in-person learning. This does not fairly accommodate all students, including commuters who make up 75% of the Montclair State population, students with disabilities who may face more challenges attending courses on campus and students who are not comfortable resuming live-instruction at Montclair State University due to COVID-19.

As we transition into the "new normal" and embark on a path of healing and recovery, we call on the administration to prioritize student welfare, safety and access to education, in light of the challenges imposed by COVID-19. We urge the administration to consider and fairly represent the entire student body of Montclair State University by providing an equal mix of online and in-person courses for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Why is this important?

I am a student at Montclair State University who believes that every student has a right to advocate for what they believe in. MSU students should have a say in the decisions that impact them.


Reasons for signing

  • I believe it’s important for students to have the option choose whether they prefer online or in person classes at this current time. Many may not feel comfortable returning back to in in person classes and It’s important to respect that.
  • We should have an option to take online and in person classes like we always do. Some of us including myself, don’t feel comfortable walking on campus while the virus is still happening.
  • We definitely need more online classes. Even though the vaccine is out and we will wear masks and practice social distancing on campus, I still do not feel comfortable being on campus as I live with my grandparents who have health problems. I can’t afford spreading the virus to them if I do get it. I am still debating if I should register for classes next semester since I don’t feel comfortable being on campus.


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Thanks to everyone who has signed and/or shared this petition. If anyone would like to be more active, please fill out the SGA contact form below (choose Reporting a concern for the subject line) or email msucommutes stating your concerns (particularly if you're a commuter). Remember to request that SGA TAKE ACTION and SPEAK on the behalf of the students.
P.S. if you've already commented beneath "reasons for signing" you can just transfer that post right to the SGA contact form.

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