To: parole Chairman Dean Stensberg, Doc Secretary Ed Wall, The Wisconsin State House, and The Wisconsin State Senate

Second Chance for Romondo Seymour

Romondo Seymour (DOC #89560)has spent 25 years in Wisconsin prisons on a non violent drug charge. The entire sentence was 60 years, imposed during the height of the war on drug era. He has been eligible for parole for 10 years . The sentence is outrageous and more sickening still is that he is has been waiting 16 years to get the treatment he needs.
Release Romondo Seymour and stop wasting taxpayers money. give him treatment now or let him take it in the community .

Why is this important?

Romondo is another example of a prisoner given an incredibly long sentence for a non violent crime. We know politicians and others soared to power on these outrageous sentences but it is time to be wise. I started writing prisoners like Romondo as a way to help heal. It has become a great learning experience and my outrage at the injustice done these prisoners and their families and communities, coupled with the corruption of the system compels me to do as much as I can.