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To: Residents and Relatives

Petition for Responsible Management of the Steve Miller-James Miller Estate

As heirs of the Steve Miller-James Miller Estate, we are compelled to address and rectify the significant mismanagement under the unauthorized governance of James “Carter” Miller. There is substantial evidence that James has been unlawfully collecting taxes on behalf of the Miller families, appointing himself as executor without legal or familial consent, and mishandling estate finances. Documents provided include proof of current and past tax payments to a fictitious account named "Steve Miller Estate," with this year’s taxes paid by an unrelated individual. Additionally, it has come to our attention that numerous leases, including at least two covering substantial acreage, lack transparent financial documentation, and the income from these leases has not been used to cover any of the previous years taxes. This financial mismanagement calls for immediate action to safeguard the estate and its beneficiaries.

Why is this important?

Signing this petition signals the absence of a legally recognized executor for the Steve Miller-James Miller Estate and highlights our collective responsibility in its stewardship. The role of executor is one of responsibility, not privilege, demanding the individual to manage estate finances faithfully for the benefit of all members. Without a current legal executor, this duty lies with each of us. Should any resident be prepared to undertake the legal and financial responsibilities to officially become the estate’s executor through probate court, they will have our full support and gratitude. This petition, therefore, is not just a call for change but an invitation to engage actively in the governance of our community, ensuring the protection of our interests and the restoration of transparency.

Upon garnering enough signatures:

- James “Carter” Miller must cease his activities as the self-appointed executor immediately.

- He must relinquish all estate documentation, including financial records, accounting logs, and deeds, to Minister of Miller Church and Representative of the Steven Miller-James Miller Estate.

- An independent audit will be commissioned to review all past financial transactions under his management.

Supporting this petition means advocating for the return of control over estate assets to its rightful heirs and ensuring full transparency moving forward. Once James “Carter” Miller has turned over all necessary documentation, we will make all findings available to all recognized heirs promptly. This step is crucial in restoring integrity to the Steve Miller-James Miller Estate and honoring our grandfather’s legacy.

By participating you commit to reestablishing responsible governance and transparency within the Steve Miller-James Miller Estate, ensuring its prosperity and the welfare of all its beneficiaries.

This petition offers a pathway to resolve the current challenges faced by the Steve Miller-James Miller Estate, encouraging unity and active participation among all.



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