To: Parole Chairman Dean Stensberg, DOC secretary Edward Wall, The Wisconsin State House, The Wisconsin State Senate, and Governor Tony Evers

Petition for the release of Randy Rotta

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We the undersigned, ask you to do all in your power to secure the release of Randy Rotta. He is one of over 2500 Wisconsin old Law prisoners, long ago rehabilitated and ready for release. He was sentenced to life at the age of 23(6/19/81) and is now 58. He has served 34 years. When Sentenced a life sentence meant he would be paroled after 11.3 years were served if he showed himself ready.
Randy killed a woman in a drunken jealous rage after waking up to find her in bed with another. We believe his remorse over this act and passion for self improvement are genuine. He has seen the parole board 29 times, received a grant recommendation from Mr Landreman in 2007 which was amended to a D-11 by Chairman Graham.
Mr Rotta has not had a conduct report for 8 years. IN fact in 2000 Charles Night, the addiction treatment coordinator at the Whiteville correctional Facility applauded the positive behavior changes he had made and recommended level V AODA treatment be dropped from requirements. He has an impressive list of accomplishments including furniture Finishing Certificate 1984, Cabinet making certificate 1994; Bachelor of Science Degree from St John’s University 1999. Programs completed include DAEP 1988(drug alcohol education);all reentry modules; “Inmates making a positive attempt to Correct Teens Project 1994; CGIP, Restorative Justice seminar (2011) AODA, Anger Management (2015) He did successful work release between 2011 and 2014. All these skills and programs plus his supportive wife show that Randy Rotta is indeed ready to be a contributing member of Society.
But his words say it best: “Mr. Stensberg I was considered for a Parole Grant by the Parole Commission on 02-07-07, but because Mr. Graham was new to his position my Grant was amended. And because of the conduct report I earned some three months later, this negated any possibility of a parole. It has been eight (8) years since that conduct report. I have not received any more conduct reports since that day, although I did recently (12/04/14) received a warning for an extra coaxial cable here at CVCTF. Commissioner LaCost was pretty hard on me about this, and I can somewhat understand her position to some degree. For when I am given the opportunity for a parole I must without question know right from wrong with even the smallest of things. I believe that I am now ready to live a crime-free life on the community. I have told lots of people that I am ready to be an ambassador in the community, but words are just that, "words". I need to put my words into action. My wife and I would be grateful if you would give the opportunity to be a productive member of our society. I will not disappoint you.”
The WI DOC is in crisis with overcrowding and lack of funds for programming or treatment. The Public mood is shifting and we are learning that our punishment only policies no longer work. Please know that you will be supported as you start being smart on crime. Release Randy Rotta.
Randy Rotta #080599, CVCTF; 2909 E Park Ave; Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Why is this important?

When Randy was approved for parole in 2007, it was as a new parole chairman, Alfonso Graham, was coming in, who felt too new to parole Randy and gave him a defer. He still sits in prison 8 years later. His wife waits. This man has served 34 years! He truly deserves a second chance.