To: Ms. Cami Anderson, State Appointed Superintendent


Cami Anderson, State Appointed Superintendent of Newark Public Schools, violates district, state, and federal regulations and laws in order to implement the One Newark Plan. She fails to meet the academic achievement benchmarks she set for herself when she started her plan with the "Renew" schools. She shows on-going disregard for the community, the democratically elected school board and other elected officials, religious leaders, educators, parents, and students. She operates the Newark Public Schools with a complete lack of transparency and public accountability, refusing to attend and participate in open public school board meetings. She continues to push her agenda on the people of Newark, despite the fact that there is widespread opposition to her One Newark plan and the ways in which her reforms continue to be forced on our students, schools, and communities.

Therefore, I demand Cami Anderson immediately resign from her position as State Appointed Superintendent of Newark Public Schools.

Why is this important?

State Appointed Newark Public Schools Superintendent Anderson has continued to ignore and disrespect Newark parents, students, school staff, clergy, and elected leaders who have spoken out against her One Newark plan. Anderson, and the One Newark plan, have closed neighborhood schools, displaced children throughout the city, and left special needs students and English language learners without needed supports, violating numerous district, state, and federal policies. Despite wide spread opposition, Anderson has continued to impose her harmful plan on the parents and children of Newark. It’s time we all stood together to demand the resignation of State Superintendent Anderson.