To: Mayor Doug Neeley

Petition Target: No unlicensed drug rehabilitation programs be allowed to operate in Oregon City/...

We, the undersigned, demand that no unlicensed drug rehabilitation programs be allowed to operate in this City/County. Teen Challenge claims to be a church to avoid regulation and accountability. But, it advertises and is recognized by many in the public sphere as a drug rehabilitation program. It provides no trained counselors nor medical professionals and puts both clients (disciples) and the greater community in harm's way.

Please do not permit this program to open in our community.

Why is this important?

Teen Challenge Portland Men's Center is proposing a 10,590 square foot dormitory where they plan to treat 60 alcoholics and drug addicts. This facility is being proposed in the South End area of Oregon City, in a densely occupied preexisting neighborhood. This facility would create a great concern for safety within the community, home values lowering, and increased noise and congestion. We do not want Teen Challenge Portland Men's Center operating in such close proximity to our neighborhood.


Reasons for signing

  • This sixth petition sets a standard for what is allowed to be called "rehabilitation." Surely effective treatment needs licensing and medical professionals.
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