To: Forrest Claypool, CEO, Chicago Public Schools and Frank Clark, President, Board of Education, CPS

Petition to Improve School Lunch

Our school lunches, produced by Aramark, are nasty. The options are too few, the portions are too small, the food tastes bad, and it is unhealthy. We believe decent food is a human right.

Why is this important?

We, the undersigned students and parents of Chicago Public Schools, want to prove that our school lunches are inadequate. Currently the school lunches are terrible. We are fed the same options every day, the food is either overcooked or undercooked, the portions are too small and the quality is poor.

We urge our principal, the Chicago Board of Education, and Aramark to act now to allow us to open the lunchroom kiosk, have vending machines, off campus lunch, food delivery, and increased options, portion sizes, and quality in our school lunch. This is important because we eat 1/6th of our meals here annually, and many students refuse to eat it. By signing this petition, we demand that school lunches get better. For more information, please visit