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Petition to Protect Grass Roots History!

Please sign this petition requesting that Donald Stumpf and Wells Fargo's Board of Directors extend special consideration to the "Anderson Legacy" and the international children's library and literacy effort associated with that project. Foreclosing on a home in this case, forecloses on America's history, African-American history and the children of the world's future.

Why is this important?

Wells Fargo Bank's past mortgage policy is currently undergoing public scrutiny for redlining and oher questionable policies and practices in ethnic communities prior to the foreclosure debacle. In that "rush to profits" the legacies of Matthew and Katye Anderson (both now deceased) are due to be destroyed with the pending foreclosure of their home, a site earmarked as a potential historical property. Propelled by issues unrelated to the housing crisis, this home, once owned by Katye, an international educator and United Nations honored advocate for children and Matthew, one of the eleven original creators of the final incarnation of the electronic computer in 1951, is now at risk. To date, Wells Fargo has declined to discuss and review any of its potential errors and misfeasance. In contrast, these two individuals, both nominated for the President's Medal of Freedom, have contributed greatly to American history. But their legacies are nonetheless being obliterated by residual insensitive and unyielding bank bailout policy. We seek a campaign that will strongly urge Wells Fargo and its President, Donald Stumpf and the Board of Directors to an open and good faith review of events in the attempt to amicably resolve the situation leaving open a window to history and children's futures. Profits generated via questionably originated documents should not be a part of the banking industry's agenda in America. Wells Fargo should be in support of its future constituents (the children of the world) and should not endorse children's future misfortune due to errant banking policies. We ask that before October 7, 2011, Wells Fargo do all within its power to assure the success of that project and not undermine that endeavor with another socially destructive foreclosure.


Reasons for signing

  • Hey Wells Fargo. Are you still bound on destroying Black American history?
  • Wishing you good luck....
  • The Banking industry has blamed everyone but themselves for the atrocious behavior and practices they demonstrated to cause the housing meltdown. Bankers are the experts and when inappropriate loans were given, it is not the borrower who is at fault, but the expert who failed to act in a responsible manner. The Banks blaming consumers for the housing market crash is equivalent to a Doctor blaming a patient for a poorly performed surgery. The banks received hundreds of billions in taxpay...