To: Rochester NY community


Dear Rochester City School District parents, family members, friends, and concerned citizens:
We believe that children in the Rochester City School District (RCSD) are in danger.
Matthew Lomaglio a former gym teacher employed by the RCSD was recently convicted of sexually molesting an 8 year old student at the school where Lomaglio worked (Dr. Charles T. Lunsford School No. 19). The abuse occurred during the 2006 - 07 school year. Lomaglio was found guilty in November, 2013 of second degree sexual conduct against a child and endangering the welfare of a child, and was sentenced in January, 2014 to only four years in prison. Lomaglio later confessed to committing the crimes listed above.
After Lomaglio had been convicted, it was reported by several news sources, including Fox News, EAG News, and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that 22 RCSD employees wrote letters to Judge Joanne M. Winslow in support of Matthew Lomaglio, prior to his sentencing. The letters were written by teachers and various other personnel employed with the RCSD, and others.
According to news reports referenced above, numerous RCSD employees refused to cooperate with the police investigation, which was conducted regarding the case. Although, educators are mandated to report child abuse, a spokesman for the RCSD was quoted as having said “there may be little anyone can do about the teachers, because they are free to express their opinions about the case, and cannot be compelled to participate in a criminal investigation.” What good does reporting abuse do if the RCSD does not require its teachers, administrators, and support staff to cooperate with any and all investigations involving reports of child abuse? The lack of cooperation stifles the investigation, impedes discovery of the abuser, and lengthens the amount of time a child is in danger, until authorities uncover the abuse and intervene. As responsible parents, family members, friends, community members, and concerned citizens, it is our duty to demand full justice for the child that was sexually assaulted, and to do everything we can to protect other children from being sexually abused.
The RCSD needs to adopt a new policy that all of its employees are required to cooperate with any investigation involving the abuse of a student.
It is imperative that we act now to uncover the names of RCSD employees who wrote letters of support for Matthew Lomaglio (after he had been convicted). We need to unearth the insidious reasons adults felt compelled to write letters in support of Lomaglio, in spite of the heinous crime he was convicted of. We have a right to know the character of individuals whom we entrust with the care and education of our children.

Please sign this petition in support of demands that:

1) Letters written by RCSD employees on behalf of Matthew Lomaglio be immediately released to the public for review, and

2) The RCSD adopt a new policy that requires all of its employees to cooperate fully with every internal (RCSD) and/or law enforcement investigation involving a report concerning student abuse.

Why is this important?

Several adults working in the Rochester City School District wrote letters in support of a convicted child molester, who later confessed.