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Petition to Support SB138; Illinois Driver Education Being Offered as a Webinar Option

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Petition to Support SB138;  Illinois Driver Education Being Offered as a Webinar Option

By signing the petition, you agree that you support SB138. You would like the driver education classes to continue being offered in a webinar, webcast format as an option. This has been a positive experience for myself and my teen. We have found the program to offer the same quality or better than the in-class option as the student is able to complete the course at their own pace, and review any previous class session as needed. The webcast is designed in a similar format as the in-class sessions and was taught by an Illinois Licensed Driving Instructor, this was easy to follow, and my teen was successful in completing and comprehending the material with ease.

Why is this important?

This gives options to parents and students to receive a quality education in Drivers Ed without the demands that an in-class course places on a busy family.

How it will be delivered


Reasons for signing

  • The pandemic has made things harder...but we can't give up! Stay safe though!
  • Webinar allows students and families to work around their own schedules. For very active students, especially in sports or with jobs, it's very hard to know your schedule that far in advance. The flexibility online courses offer is well worth it. And now having my second student doing the courses online, I can say the level of education is that same.
  • Kids like my child who have anxiety and other mental health struggles daily benefit from have the flexibility to study and learn at their own pace. Also to concentrate without social distractions.


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