To: PGA of America

PGA must move 2022 PGA Championship from Trump Bedminster

In 2014 the PGA of America awarded Trump Bedminster the 2022 PGA championship. Given the current president's disdain for basic civility and the laws of our nation--as well as his chronic lying, philandering, corruption, racism, sexism, and fearmongering--it is imperative the PGA move the 2022 PGA Championship from Trump Bedminster, and award the PGA Championship to a more deserving golf course.

Why is this important?

I love golf, dislike the corrupt current president, and would like to see him denied a prestigious golf tournament at one of his golf clubs.


Reasons for signing

  • And I don’t want to see him profit from having the PGA tournament at his golf course!!!!
  • Move the tournament
  • The PGA needs to move their 2022 tournament to another course. Given the stain and embarrassment Trump has brought to this country, it would be most inappropriate to hold a tournament at his property. If all goes well, he’ll be in prison in 2022. This is all the more reason for the PGA to move the tournament.

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