To: Philipstown Town Board

Philipstown Board: Pass Firearm Safe Storage Law

A law that requires guns be locked up when they are not in use or under control of their owner exists today in Westchester County, NYC and other towns throughout NY State. As a concerned resident of Philipstown, I respectfully request you pass this law TODAY to make our kids and community safer!

Why is this important?

Accidental gun deaths and gun suicides are viewed as a crisis by health care professionals, including the Putnam County Suicide Prevention Task Force. More than half of all suicides are committed with a gun, and more than 75% of those guns used to commit suicide come from the homes of the victim, a relative or a friend.

If guns are not in use, they should be locked up for safekeeping. This will keep our community members, especially our children, safer. With the U.S. suicide rate at a 30 year high, there is no time to waste!


Reasons for signing

  • As a mother, teacher and citizen, I support this measure and others that will provide more safety for all.
  • Common sense
  • Be safe and never sorry !!!

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