To: Kenneth T. Welch, Commission Chairman, Janet C. Long, Commissioner, Norm Roche, Commissioner, Charlie Justice, [email protected], Susan Latvala, [email protected], Karen Williams Seel, Commission Vice Chair, John Morr...

Pinellas County: Save the Tides Golf Club

Stop any re-zoning attempts of the Tides Golf Course.

Why is this important?

We, the Citizens of Pinellas County and the Visitors of The Tides Golf Course, hereby submit this petition to stop any re-zoning attempts of the Tides Golf Course. The Tides Golf Course is located at 11832 66th Avenue North, Seminole, Florida. The Tides Golf Course is currently zoned as recreational open. The Tides Golf Course represents a gem for our county and for our fellow residents. A change in zoning would lead to a lower quality of life for residents who live in neighborhoods surrounding the golf course and for our county as a whole.

Rezoning would allow developers to change the Tides Golf Course from the 150 acres of rolling sea grasses to 167 homes, townhomes and/or condos replacing grass with concrete and asphalt. Re-zoning would also disturb and disrupt the sensitive eco system of the area that is home to many native Florida species of plant and wildlife.

We want the Tides Golf Course to be saved so future generations may be part of the pleasure that this open green space has provided millions for the past 39+ years.

We request the Pinellas Board of Commissioners/Zoning Board:

•Deny any changes to the current Tides Golf Course Zoning.

•Protect the Tides Golf Course for the “Open Green Space” that it is and prohibit any construction of residences.

•Maintain our estuary of “Green Open Space” so that generations of Eagles, Egrets and Owls may continue to have their rightful nesting areas.

•Protect our Trees and Native Greenery on The Tides GC that cleans our air and provides habitat for the hundreds of animals that call it home.