Pinellas County: Save Bardmoor Open Air Recreational Space - Stop Overdevelopment

To be delivered to Pinellas County Commissioners, Pinellas Local Planning Agency, Pinellas Planning Council, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rick Scott, Representative Charlie Crist, Governor Rick DeSantis, State Senator Jeff Brandes, and State Representative Nick DiCeglie:

Please stop the rezoning efforts to reclassify the historic Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Country Club from Open Air Recreational/Golf Course. ...Please save our open-air recreational spaces for us and future generations who are under attack from out of state developers in Pinellas and across the State of Florida...
Please Save Bardmoor!

Why is this important?

SAVE Bardmoor Golf & Tennis Club
Petition To Stop Rezoning!

We, the Citizens of Pinellas County and those of us who enjoy the open air recreational spaces, hereby submit this petition to stop any re-zoning attempts of the Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club located at 8001 Cumberland Road, Seminole, Florida 33777 in unincorporated Pinellas County. The Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club is currently zoned as recreational open with a county property use code of 3855 (Regulation, PAR 3 Golf Course).

The Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club represents a gem for our county and for our fellow residents. A change in zoning would lead to a lower quality of life for residents who live in neighborhoods surrounding the golf course and for our county as a whole. Rezoning would allow developers to change the Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club from the 140 acres of rolling natural vegetation to hundreds of homes, townhomes and/or condos replacing grass with concrete and asphalt adding to the already dense population in the county and putting additional strain on our infrastructure with added homes and traffic. Re-zoning would disturb and disrupt the sensitive ecosystem that is home to many native Florida species of plant and wildlife. Rezoning would subject the entire community to a lengthy construction process where residents would be exposed to dangerous conditions, pollution, noise and a poor quality of life in general. We want Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club to be saved so future generations can enjoy what this open green space has provided millions for the past 50+ years.

We request the Pinellas Board of Commissioners/Zoning Board:

• Deny any changes to the current Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club Zoning.
• Protect the Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club’s “Green Open Space” and prohibit any construction of residences.
• Maintain our “Green Open Space” so that generations of Eagles, Egrets, Otters, Ducks, Geese, Coyotes, Owls, and others may continue to have their rightful nesting and living areas.
• Protect the Trees & Native Greenery that clean our air and provide habitat for the hundreds of animals that call it home.

We strongly object to an out of state developer creating a Community Development District where the Bardmoor community would be taxed in order to pay for construction of the Developer’s project.


Reasons for signing

  • I was considering a move to Bardmoor but now am reconsidering.
  • With the increasing threat of climate change, we must recognize the importance of our open spaces and do all we can to protect them. More cars, more pavement, more people also translate into more concerns for the safety of our residents during hurricane season. We cannot afford to be shortsighted during a time like this.
  • Maintain the open spaces for the wild life

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