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To: United Therapeutics Corp's (UTHR.O) Revivicor unit

Plea, to Revivicor to offer GalSafe pork to Alpha-Gal allergy patients for consumption

As an Alpha-Gal allergy patient, I make this plea to you, not only to change peoples lives with the amazing science that has created the GalSafe porcine medical products and advancements, but also offer GalSafe products available to the ever growing number of us who need the mammal fat and protein as sustenance. I was one of the lucky recipients of your sample, (thank you!), am very fume reactive and had zero allergic reactions! The only reaction I had were the tears I honestly shed, finally feeling human, and actually being able to cook meat in my kitchen, without a mask- as opposed to cooking outdoors and still having to wear a mask. Please. Make my dream of seeing the red, NO AG sticker in grocery stores come true!

Why is this important?

There is a growing number of people who have Alpha-Gal allergy, which is a life-threatening and life altering allergy to all mammal meats and it's byproducts, generally caused by tick bites. It has sadly affected children, entire families and shows no boundaries. Anyone can become a victim of this allergy. Some AG sufferers are allergic to carrageenan, dairy, fruits, vegetables, eggs, soy, medications and thousands of other food/drug items, which are marked Vegan but, still cannot eat/use! We are not Vegans, we are Beyond Vegan, forced to eat a closely vegan diet, not for emotional reasons but life-saving reasons, and living a life of constantly reading labels. For myself, this is my own personal hell. Food fears are real. I am allergic to 30+ fruits and vegetables before getting Alpha-Gal allergy, have genetic issues which have caused a lifelong struggle to gain weight and am no longer able to thrive by eating beef, pork and lamb. That has been stripped from my diet because of tick bites. Revivicor holds the key to Alpha-Gal sufferers now having safe alternatives for use during surgical procedures and hopefully, have AG safe food products. I am making this plea to show them the Alpha-Gal community is growing larger every day, and we desire, want and need this as an option in our local stores.



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If you have tried the sample, it is also important to send your feedback to the email on your packaging, as well as with your physicians-medical documentation will help this cause as well! Let's make this happen!!

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Thank you all! Please sign and share!

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