To: Dane Jasper, CEO of

Please bring to San Mateo County California

We need real broadband competition, not metered broadband from uncompetitive broadband providers.

Why is this important?

My name is Luciano Nova.

I have been a resident of Pacifica, California since 2008. I write to you this email with concerning an issue very important to myself, to everyone pertaining to the internet the future of broadband that many people are not aware of. I have been an AT&T customer since I moved to this beautiful city In April of 2008. I have never had an issue with the service. Customer service was always good, connection was always solid and line trouble issues were minimum. If there ever was an issue with connecting to the internet, maybe once or twice did a tech have to come out and repair a line. Most of the time it was because of the modem settings that needed to be either rebooted or reset.

However that being said, dry loop copper DSL service at 3megs or 6 megs is NOT cheap. I also do not understand why they have a monthly data cap of 150 gigabytes a month in place. With services like Netflix, Amazon Fire TV coming online and competing with traditional television and cable services and not to mention video conferencing, websites such as YOU TUBE and gaming consoles, a 150 gigabyte cap is outright extortion.

AT&T does not even offer u-verse in my area while advertising that they do.

The only difference between AT&T's monthly cap and that of their competitor Comcast in my area being 300gigs is that at one time they would outright call and threaten a user with “using the internet too much” and would threaten that subscriber with disconnection for a year.

AT&T charges $10 for every additional 50gigs a subscriber goes over.

I never once received warnings from AT&T but I also understand network management and congestion. The reason why I chose DSL over cable is because they much more redundant and designed to function efficiently regardless of the number of users given at anytime. That’s how the old fixed line telephone system worked. Cable lines are shared and speeds vary due to traffic by any given number of users at any time.

Now many alternative news sites are reporting that AT&T and Verizon do not want to maintain the aging copper (former telephone) infrastructure that DSL currently functions on, so both companies have begun going state by state gutting all regulations and 1) either to abandon them forcing people to move to very expensive limited wireless services they provide OR to cable internet which is even more expensive, OR satellite if they are even available OR 2) selling those unwanted DSL infrastructure to smaller ISPs like Frontier, Fairpoint, Century Link (formerly known as Quest), or the one that is my area called

In a few towns south of here in the Peninsula in Santa Cruz, AT&T’s DSL service hasn’t been running well and they have not come out to repair or correct the problems.

Now the question becomes this : What exactly is AT&T doing? What is AT&T investing? are they going to sell their DSL copper network in my area which is Pacifica California to or another ISP?

If AT&T is unwilling to invest in DSL, they SHOULD sell to

I wrote a complaint to the FCC because I as an internet subscriber object to data caps unless ISPs like AT&T are treated and regulated like utilities.

If ISPs like AT&T want to impose monthly data caps on subscribers like an energy utility then TITLE II utility regulations need to be in place.

I’ve started a petition in the city of Pacifica to bring here.

I want competition in my area. AT&T I’ve never had an issue with them. I can honestly say while service is much slower than cable, internet connection is stable and truthfully solid. But because I watch streaming TV via Amazon Prime and Netflix and I am a gamer as well work from home, this 150 gigabyte monthly cap is simply another revenue stream for AT&T and not enough.
I know several people who have and all have told me how good the service is and having visited a friend's home who has it, I have to agree. For DSL, it's faster and more solid than AT&T. AT&T offers internet speeds of 6megs while sonic is 10megs with some areas reaching up to 20megs.

I don't understand how a smaller carrier Sonic versus a much larger one AT&T both functioning on a copper network is delivering better and faster service and is cheaper too.

Please Mr. Jasper, I urge you to come to the Peninsula area including Pacifica. Please bring here.

Thank you.


Luciano Nova.


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  • In the heart of biotech, on the edge of Silicon Valley, consumers will jump on the change to get no-nonsense, gigabit FTTP.
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