To: Ken Miyagishima, Mayor of Las Cruces, Miguel Silva, Las Cruces City Councilor (District 1), Greg Smith, Las Cruces City Councilor (District 2), Olga Pedroza, Las Cruces City Councilor (District 3), Nathan Small, Las Cruces City Councilor...

Please Help Occupy Las Cruces Protect the 1st Amendment Rights of the People of Las Cruces

I urge you to respect the 1st Amendment rights of the people of Las Cruces and deny the rule change proposed by Parks and Rec. that would effectively render any similar future occupation impossible."

Why is this important?

On Tuesday, 2/21, at the Las Cruces City Council Meeting, Parks and Rec will be asking the Council to pass a new rule that would basically make it impossible for us or anyone else to "occupy" a public space. The rule says that any "camping" has to be in conjunction with an event and is limited to 7 days. Though I haven't been able to find out what the fee for this would be, I think we can reasonably assume that it will be much more than the $20-$25 per day we were paying for permits. This would effectively price us (and most citizens) out of carrying on an "occupation" protest.