To: Hilton Cole, Director of East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control

Please Help Save Our Jack

Jack is a gentle, sweet, loving, and loyal family dog who has been wrongfully declared vicious and is deemed for euthanasia. Please, Please Help Save Our Jack.

Why is this important?

Please sign this Petition to fight the classification of vicious placed upon our sweet baby Jack, by Hilton Cole. This feels more like a personal vendetta against myself, Bonnie Blalock, and my partner, Gina DiPietro. I cannot believe that our dog is at risk to die, because the Director of EBRP Animal Control, Hilton Cole has made this a very personal issue, and quite frankly it is no longer about what Jack did or did not do, it is the simple fact that he is a PitBull and we are Gay. Please help, please sign this and Help Save Our Jack.


Reasons for signing

  • Help is nice
  • No animal should not be discriminated or judged ever ! That's when we stop to do our best to stop it.

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