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To: NJ and NY Judicial System

Please Help Us Live!

Please Help Us Live!

I would like the cities of NJ and New York to make harsher punishments for those who commit acts of domestic violence.

Why is this important?

This cause is very important because there are too many women dying everyday by the hands of abuse. There are too many women who have to defend themselves and end up in jail for doing so. So many women being violated. We need change. We need new laws. WE NEED HELP! PLEASE HELP US LIVE!!

How it will be delivered

Through communication outlets.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I too, am a victim of Domestic Abuse and did not realize it until I left the toxic relationship with my son.
  • Great cause...never been a victim of it but my heart and prayers go out to all whom experienced such a tragic altercation.
  • I signed and created this petition because I made it out, but I am still fighting. I AM A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVOR 💜🙏


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