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Please oppose PNM's Replacement Power Plan and Intervene in the PRC Case. Seize this opportunity ...

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Dear City Council and Mayor,

Thank you for your concern for the rate-payers of Santa Fe, the environment, and our public health in matters concerning the replacement power plan to replace San Juan Coal Units 2 and 3.

As a resident in Santa Fe I am pleased to learn that PNM will close two of its units at the San Juan coal plant. The issue of replacement power for the San Juan coal plant will have enormous consequences for at least the next 20 years.

It represents a huge opportunity for New Mexico to redirect our energy investments to cost-effective, job-creating, environmentally responsible renewable energy sources.

Yet PNM’s replacement power for its share of the closure is as follows:
• Purchase 78 megawatts more of coal from San Juan unit 4
• Import nuclear from the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant in Arizona (134 megawatts)
• Build a new natural gas plant (177megawatts) politically sited in Farmington.
• 40 megawatts of solar.

We can do better! Renewable energy can be a huge economic driver for the state and Santa Fe can and will lead the country in the transition to a green economy. Renewable energy is now cheaper, reduces carbon emissions that cause climate disruption and increase the risk of fires, drought and now record-breaking floods, saves billions of gallons of clean water; significantly reduces pollution; and protects us against continuously rising electric rates. An overwhelming consensus of scientific data warns that we must transition from fossil fuel dependency to renewables as quickly as possible to avoid catastrophic climate disruption. This is our chance.

I support your resolution in opposition to PNM's replacement power plan and request for stranded assets that calls for an alternative plan based on energy efficiency and renewables.

I support your position to reduce or deny PNM's request for a $250 million bailout. Despite that the 2 coal units will be closed and producing nothing PNM still wants its unearned profits from all of us; they call this "stranded assets." It doesn't seem fair that PNM made $100 million in profits in 2012, disconnected the electricity for 17,000 New Mexicans, and, yet they want us to pay for their bad financial and resource planning.

I also support your resolution to intervene in the PRC case in order to represent my interests and the interests of our environment, our health, and the future of our children at the PRC.

Thank you in advance for your leadership.


Why is this important?

The issue of replacement power for the San Juan coal plant is perhaps the most important energy decision that is looming and will have enormous consequences for at least the next 20 years. PNM’s abandonment and replacement power filing - Is not the lowest cost solution; Is not the best environmental outcome; Is not the best jobs outcome; Locks in fossil fuel energy when an avalanche of scientific data demonstrates that we must transition from the burning of fossil fuels to renewables.


Reasons for signing

  • If progressives truly wanted a "war on coal" and wanted to cripple the coal industry further (thank you natural gas) they would purchase energy efficient AC units, appliances and LED lights for low to moderate income people in those states that rely heavy for electricity produced by coal (MO, WV, NM, CO, UT, WY, ND, OH,IW, KY, NB). Less electricity used means less coal burned and mined. Of course divestment, switching to providers that provide alternative energy, and more roof top solar (they...
  • When New Mexico has abundant, renewable solar energy, the decisions to use coal and nuclear power is backward thinking driven only by profits. With global warming escalating at far more alarming rates than scientists, the only sane decision is to create more sustainable, renewable solar energy arrays in our state.
  • In New Mexico Solar and Wind Power are a natural advantage of our environment PNM should use this advantage to the Benefit of All New Mexicans