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To: Richmond city council

Please remove the statues of Confederate leaders from Monument Avenue in Richmond VA

Hello everyone! As of today, july, 1, 2020, I have decided to end this campaign. The fight is over. We won.The jefferson davis statue was removed recently, and all of the other statues on monument ave were ordered to be removed on this day as well.But the fight isnt over! This is just the Beginning of the dismantling of systematic racism, and much more has to be done!

Jefferson Davis was not a hero. Jefferson Davis divided this country. He was one of the originators of the Confederate flag which is a symbol of rebellion and subliminal racism. Well, why is he honored with a statue on Monument Ave. in Richmond, Virginia?

Why is this important?

These statues are a form of subliminal and institutional racism and must be removed.



2020-07-02 00:57:19 -0400

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2020-06-08 16:41:02 -0400

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2020-06-03 17:11:01 -0400

Hello, my name is Will Hall, and I started this petiton almost four years ago. As a African American man, who has lived in this city my entire life, I have seen and witnessed so many injustices that has plagued the african american community in Richmond. These statues on monument ave were put up to intimidate black people. Jefferson Davis, nor any of the Confederate generals were heroes, nor should we continue to honor them in 2020. I thank everyone for signing this petition, and throughout the day, today june 3, 2020, I sent this petition to every city council member, and I think that we may have good news! Read the link below because this was just announced today

2020-06-03 10:10:08 -0400

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2020-04-12 15:42:19 -0400

Its been a few years since i created this petition. Now this vision that i have may become a reality. Thanks for your suppourt