To: The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, and Governor Tom Wolf

"Please restore the Philadelphia School Budget and save our Instrumental Music Programs"

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"Stop the proposed cuts in funding the Instrumental Music Program in the School District of Philadelphia."

Why is this important?

The Philadelphia School district wants to eliminate the Instrumental Music program. This would affect over 100,000 students in our school system. Philadelphia Schools have had a long standing tradition of excellence in music programs at the elementary, junior high and high school level. These programs have included the nationally known All-Philadelphia performance ensembles including a High School Choir, Jazz Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Orchestra. In addition many of our students go on to major in music. Many of our former students are musicians in major orchestras (Philadelphia, Toronto, Cinncinatti, ) and college professors of music. Taking away these programs for our children is unfair and denies them the same opportunities that wealthier school districts can afford. Please restore the Instrumental Music Program in the School District of Philadelphia.