To: The California State House

Please Support AB 1112 to Save Parent Education and Family Literacy Programs in California

Dear Legislators:

Please support AB 1112 to save our Parent Education and Family English Literacy programs in California. Please protect the classes that helped us raise our children and educate our families for the past 30 years.

Why is this important?

Legislators will need to act now and support AB 1112 to save our parent education and family English literacy programs. Parenting and Family English Literacy classes that helped thousands of parents learn to raise their children better and get basic English skills will be closed as school districts implement AB 86, which will end their funding. AB 1112 will address this concern by including Parenting and Family English Literacy programs within the narrowed focus of the adult and continuing education programs that will receive dedicated funding through AB 86.

The Local Control Funding Formula [LCFF] can not provide a reliable source of funding to keep these programs operating, so the Parent education and Family Literacy classes will disappear next year unless legislators act now to enact AB 1112 or similar legislation to protect these valuable and effective programs.


Reasons for signing

  • family education for all! adult education for all!
  • This has helped my wife and daughter to connect with other families and daughter to socialize at a young age with other children.
  • I am a better mother because of the adult education class taught by Ms. Lori's parenting class. I've learned how to aid in his motor skill development through crafts and songs. I've learned how to discipline with compassion and encourage positive social interaction. I know that the better mother I am for my son the better future we all will have.