To: Rusty L. Johnson, Board President, John M. Coyle, Vice President, John H. Davis, Director, Eddie Coover, Director, James Gamble, Director, Annabella M. Lastowski, Director, Jacquelyn L. Leonard, Director, Frank Pecci, Director, and Micha...

PMSD Keep Transportation IN HOUSE!

We, the undersigned, believe wholeheartedly and without reserve, that money can't buy the talent or the commitment we already have in our outstanding Transportation Department, that the very best thing for our children, our schools, and our communities is to keep the district transportation IN HOUSE. We will make our voices heard!

Why is this important?

Outsourced bus drivers are paid less with far fewer benefits, if any.
Outsourced bus drivers have no vested interest in our children.
Outsourced drivers have no commitment to us or our school district.
Outsourced drivers are no longer at our discretion.
Outsourced behavior is out of our jurisdiction.
Entrusting outsourced drivers to your student bottom line is faulty.
Outsourcing puts the district at the mercy of a third party enterprise.
And in the end, outsourcing is a short-term solution and does not balance the budget for the long-term. Research shows that it will cost the district and taxpayers more.

It is for all of these reasons and more, that the idea of employing a third party bus company (for OUR CHILDREN) is unworthy of our consideration.