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Portland City Council: Create More Off-Road Cycling Opportunities

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City Council, let's catch up with the overflowing demand for off-road cycling opportunities.

Why is this important?

November 19, 2014

Mayor Charlie Hales
Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Commissioner Nick Fish
Commissioner Steve Novick
Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Dear Mayor Hales and Members of the Portland City Council,

We are a community of members who care about active, healthy, vibrant recreational opportunities. We believe Portland has the potential to become a recognized and acclaimed haven for off-road cycling.

To achieve that vision, we agree with Commissioner Amanda Fritz – it’s time for a citywide master plan for recreational cycling. In fact, we are decades overdue at this point.

Now is the time to fund a planning process for off-road cycling. We request that City Council designate $200,000 to launch us into that process.

It is past time to meet the overflowing demand for recreational cycling access.

Thank you for your consideration,

Northwest Trail Alliance & Friends


Reasons for signing

  • Let's expand cycling access within the city limits!
  • This is essential to Portland growing as a more bike and fitness friendly city.

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