To: Charlie Hales, Amanda Fritz, Nick Fish, Dan Saltzman, and Steve Novick

Portland- Stop Profiting from Criminalizing People

The Portland Police Bureau and Multnomah County Sheriffs have a new racket with predatory financial companies stealing people's cash. They take the cash of all arrestees including those who are never convicted and upon release, replace their cash with a Numi Financial debit card. This company then steals the money of arrestees with multiple hefty fees.

Please call and email Mayor Charlie Hales and City Commissioners Amanda Fritz, Nick Fish, Steve Novick, and Dan Saltzman and make the following demands:
Immediately hold a hearing and investigate who has been responsible for this and how people have been harmed;
Immediately put an end to this and any other program that allows private companies, the county and city to profit from criminalizing and arresting people. (503)823-4120 (503)823-3008 (503) 823-3589 (503)823-4151 (503)823-4682

Why is this important?

This is an insidious and egregious type of theft that especially harms the poor. Such a system incentives arresting and criminalizing people for no reason but profit. This is part of a disturbing pattern of a privatized corrections industry and our city and county should have no partnerships with companies that profit from arresting people. (primary contractor that brought in Numi to Portland)


Reasons for signing

  • This policy must be rescinded as soon as possible.
  • Charlie.. hold Larry O'Dea accountable as well as the Kitzhaber kid.
  • They have 5 days to use the card with NO FEES...they can even go to the bank and get it back for need to do some research before you go running off at the lip..