To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Postpone Inauguration Until We Investigate Russian Hacking

We must postpone the Inauguration until there is a complete investigation into the Russian hacking of the presidential election.

Why is this important?

We now know that Russia, a foreign government, tried to influence our democratic election. We have a president elect who has not, and will not, let us know about his business interests around the globe. There have been high ranking aids in his campaign who have proven close ties to Russia. He has now chosen a Sec of State who also has close ties with Russia. He has completely disregarded and insulted our intelligence community dismissing their claims of hacking.

In addition to having a bipartisan investigation into the Russian hacking, we must do more. We must postpone the inauguration until we get to the bottom of the Russian hacking and can fully understand its ramifications before we put the unknown quantity of Donald Trump into the power of the White House!