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To: Portland public Schools

PPS take action on schedule change

PPS take action on schedule change

PPS work with teachers to provide students flextime!

Why is this important?

Recently PPS and the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) have gone into bargaining. The PAT is proposing a new class schedule that includes a "flex" day to allow educators more time to plan and students more time to do school work. Portland Public Schools has shot down the offer. Student leaders across the district demand PPS to rethink this terrible decision and not backtrack our students. The pandemic has drastically affected our learning — classroom stamina has been depleted, leading to students falling behind and leaving teachers drastically overworked. Our education system is improperly prepared for in-person learning due to the lack of foresight by the District and the legacy of lost learning over this past year. The District did not provide teachers with enough time to plan or prepare for re-introducing students back to school. We PPS students call on the District to work with the PAT to give the flex time we desperately need and workload relief to all our teachers.
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