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To: Grand Rapids Planning Commission

Preserve Huff Park

The proposed apartment complexes set to be built adjacent to Huff Park off Knapp and Ball/Knapp will encroach on one of Grand Rapids' most biodiverse green spaces and wetlands. These apartments are also set to increase already significant traffic in the area and limited parking has not been addressed by the property builder. This will harm the wildlife and ecosystem in the area. The people of Creston, the northeast second ward, and surrounding areas are vehemently opposed to this development. We oppose granting a Special Use Permit that would allow multi-family housing in this location adjacent to Huff Park. Please stop the development of these complexes and dedicate the area to remain undeveloped or expand Huff Park for the livelihood of the wildlife, plants and people.

Why is this important?

Huff Park is one of the City of Grand Rapids' most biodiverse parks. It houses over 180 different species of birds as well as countless other animals. The rich biodiversity of the plants, wetlands and animals contribute to the significant need for natural "filters" for our environment to keep the human population healthy. Thousands of people and families each year enjoy the benefits of Huff Park from the ball fields to the boardwalk, plants and animals. An encroaching development of apartment complexes adjacent and backing up to Huff park will significantly negatively impact the biodiversity of the park. While the city wants to increase development growth, this reduces green spaces making the city less desirable for living. Preserving green spaces makes the city more desirable for living in the long run. There are other spaces that do not encroach on important wetlands that can be developed. The proposed multiple unit development adjacent and backing up to the Huff Park will also significantly increase traffic around the area and proposed parking spaces for these units have not been discussed. Please sign the petition to let the Grand Rapids Housing Commission and CNA know you want to keep the area surrounding Huff Park wild and undeveloped for both its plant and animal inhabitants and for humans to continue to enjoy for the benefit of all of Grand Rapids.



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