To: Diane Sugimura, Director, DPD and Michael Dorcy, Planner

Preserve the character of the Admiral neighborhood

Don't allow a 5-story, 450-foot long building in a 4-story zone.

Why is this important?

We believe the proposed development at 3210 California Ave SW (DPD project # 3014176) is of broad public significance. As neighbors and residents of the Admiral neighborhood of West Seattle, we ask the City to uphold the intent of the NC2-40 zoning classification by allowing no more than 4-stories to be built.

• The proposed 5-story building is not legal. It is an additional story beyond the applicable height limit. (SMC 23.47A.012.A.1.a.2.)
• The proposed average grade plane is set artificially high (at over 13-feet above street level) and does not meet the intent of the rule for calculating average grade, which is to encourage buildings to better follow the topography. (Director's Rule 4-2012.)

We respectfully request a public meeting with DPD in order to understand why the proposed 5-story project is considered legal, and to voice our opinion that a 5-story building at this location will have a negative impact on the Admiral neighborhood, and the City. There is potential for this project to set a negative precedent for large, non-contextual development in the City of Seattle.


Reasons for signing

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